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The Mission

Bring Back Nature’s mission is to educate people, preserve nature and offer sustainable / eco friendly home and garden products.  Our name is inspired by our goal.  We want to bring nature back into people’s lives for better health, happiness and sustainability.

The Philosophy

We believe that nature should be an integral part of everyone’s life. Even if you’re not passionate about Mother Earth, you can still benefit greatly of having nature in your home, in both mental and physical ways.

Our vision at Bring Back Nature is to use sustainable materials to offer quality products.  For our wooden products, we use certified sustainable forestry wood, completely natural stains, no  or low VOC sealers and build in the most ecological ways.  

Other items in our store are either certified organic, fair trade or earth friendly products.  Bring Back Nature believes we can serve our clientele with amazing products while prioritizing sustainability and practices that are right for our planet and the people who inhabit it.

The three pillars we focus on are:

1. Encourage nature related activities. Get involved with nature, whether it’s in the kitchen, yard, groups or other activities.
2. Be active outside. Not only do you give your body a much needed favor, but also your mind.
3. Offer fair trade and / or eco friendly products to benefit you and the environment.​​​​



Sander Vanacker

CEO / Founder

As a child, I would spend as much time outside as possible despite the wet Belgian climate.

As a teenager, I would collect exotic pets, including iguanas, dart frogs and many others.

I love having projects and creating things.  Sitting still is a challenge.

I believe moving your body is key to proper mental and physical health.

It is my goal to be part of the solution, not the problem.  That is why I founded Bring Back Nature Inc.



Julie Vanacker

Artist / Designer / Advisor

I believe less is more…a natural face and beach wavy hair is my ideal look.

When given the option of wearing shoes or going barefoot, I will always choose barefoot.

I am uncharacteristically organized for an artist but detail oriented and passionate like one.

My favorite color is turquoise and I collect anything and everything with an ocean theme.

My kitchen is always overflowing – my husband rolls his eyes every time I come home with another platter or cooking gadget.

I love Italy and everything about it.​​​​​



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