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Bring Back Nature Inc. is committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly products, fair trade items and sustainable practices.

  • Our woodwork uses certified sustainable forestry wood when available and we use all natural stains and natural no / low VOC sealers.  
  • We support small artists and craftsmen by sourcing fair trade products.
  • 5% of all sales go towards nature conservation efforts and animal welfare organization.
  • We make a difference by purchasing carbon offsets from credible projects to reduce our operation’s carbon footprint


Our live edge furniture design ranges from shelves to grand dining tables.  Many of our pieces are one of a kind or made to order.  

Contact us below if you have any questions.


We have a not so secret love for rustic furniture.  We attempt to recreate the charm and roughness of old style pieces in our projects.  As always, we use sustainably forested wood whenever available and the most natural stains and sealers for your and our planet’s health.


Our Home & Garden section features  decorative or functional items.  All these items and made by our team in the US, using the best eco friendly materials possible.


What if you could garden year round inside your home?  Have a fully functioning ecosystem right in your kitchen without bugs or dirt.  

Now you can with our indoor aquaponics units.  Our aquaponics are very appealing and made out of red oak.  The aquarium can house many different types of fish and is a treat for the eye.

This piece of furniture can provide you with tons of veggies year round and can also teach yourself and your kids how to garden without making a mess.

Outfitted with LED grow lights and a circulating water system, you’re ready to start growing your own herbs, fruits and veggies while having a beautiful piece of furniture to look at.


Vivariums are a wonderful piece of nature, right into your home.  You can choose to build a tropical ecosystem, desert lands or anything in between.  Having a plant rich environment has tremendous benefits to your mental and physical health and acts as a natural air filter in your home.  It truly is a treat for the eye and the possibilities are endless.  You can use it for the beauty of it but also grow produce or house pet animals.

Our vivariums are made to order and are offered in different sizes.  They are built with beautiful glass panels for unobstructed views.  They are treated with epoxy for waterproofing and durability.  This is a non toxic product that is also used in zoos and marine applications.

Our backgrounds vary on the theme of the vivarium.  You can opt for sustainable tree fern from New Zealand, a custom background made by us or a living wall as a backdrop.

We offer a few different styles, from rustic craftsmen to panorama tanks to live edge stylish vivariums.