Rustic Natural Vivarium 60 Gallon


A Rustic Style Vivarium, handcrafted in the US and built to last.

Instead of placing an unfinished looking glass or acrylic box, why not add something beautiful to your home style with our Rustic or Country Style Vivariums, finished with powder coated hardware and treated on the inside to withstand water exposure.

This vivarium is built for showcasing plants, add nature to your living space, act as a natural air filter and even house small animals if wanted.  Add more nature to your home for countless proven mental and physical benefits.  You can add anything from tropical plants to cacti or succulents.

The interior has been treated with a commercial marine application, which is resistant against humidity and water so the wood is never directly exposed to any moisture.  The front houses a clear glass panel to keep humidity inside and all vents are screened with aluminum mesh.

The custom LED lighting bar is custom designed for Bring Back Nature, is waterproof and is designed with a full lighting spectrum to benefit the plants inside.

The interior comes with tree fern panels, which make a wonderful natural background.  Tree fern panels are also known to sometimes spontaneously grow mosses and ferns when kept moist.

Each luxury vivarium is handcrafted with care and finished with powder coated hardware.

This design is a stunning addition to any room and is built with design and duration in mind.  Add this to your home, office or gym to showcase a beautiful natural scene.  This will without doubt be the focal point of the room.



36″ x 16″ x 24″: 60 gallons


Plants not included.  Made to order – Guaranteed delivery time: 3-4 weeks.



Please note that due to the nature of the furniture business, we cannot guarantee that the finish of the ordered wood will be exactly as pictured (although we do our very best to replicate the real life look as well as possible on our product images). Imperfections or variations in the grain, color, or sheen of the wood may occur naturally.   Minor improvements in design and materials may also occur.

As a result, these naturally occurring characteristics are not viewed as damages or defects. Please note that images of products displayed on the website may differ in color due to differences in resolution, color settings and brightness of computer monitors.


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